Opal Energy’s vision is to transform how our clients use energy in their day to day operations. Our goal is to transition our customers to a clean low energy  operating environment by utilising modern technologies in key product areas such as Lighting, Solar and HVAC.

Our Company specialises in customers who are currently operating inefficient legacy technologies such as high intensity discharge (“HID”), high pressure sodium (“HPS”) and fluorescent lighting systems in which lighting forms an essential part of the businesses’ operations.

With a holistic approach to the energy sector we are able to cover all facets of electricity consumption, therefore providing our clients with market knowledge and product education.  


This will allow them to understand the risks and options available when face with the task of optimising their energy bills.

Opal Energy is committed to the innovation of the energy industry in providing the most efficient and cost effective solutions for their business.

Opal Energy is an independent commercial energy solutions business that specialises in implementing strategies to reduce our client’s energy consumption.






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