Solar Panels

Australia is ranked 8th in the world for solar panel system installations with the 1,500,000th solar panel system registered on December 22, 2015 and more than 23.2 million solar panel modules now installed.

With superior support, Opal Energy Solutions gives you access to leading brands in Solar Energy Technology and their first-class products. Furthermore we focus on your individual needs and provide you with a tailored, in-depth power profile explaining all the available energy efficiency solutions for your property.

Installing Solar Panels reduces your power bills, as well as providing you with protection against the ever-increasing energy costs, whilst powering your home with clean energy harnessed from the sun and increasing your property's value.

Opal Energy Solutions also specialises in other energy efficiency and reduction technologies for both residential and commercial properties including LED lighting, pool pumps, heat pumps, solar energy storage batteries, variable speed drivers, UPS and monitoring systems.

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Frequently asked questions

Is a Solar Power System right for me?

Installing a solar power system is a fantastic way of harnessing the sun’s energy to generate electricity for a property, however there are a few factors that need to be considered before taking your first steps. Each system will have upfront and ongoing costs associated with their installation and maintenance and vary in type and sizing and the associated advantages of each. Our energy efficiency experts will be able to provide you with recommendations based on your individual requirements.

How do Solar Panels work?

Arranged in a modular layout to take full advantage of the space available, the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert the sunlight absorbed into Direct Current (DC) electricity and then convert it to Alternating Current (AC) power via the inverter - all of which can be utilised by appliances which use power.

What determines the energy output of my Solar System?

Mainly the size of the solar power system will determine what your energy output is. Other factors include location, weather, the season, shading, the angle and orientation of your panels as well as the quality and efficiency of equipment used.

Will shading affect the performance of my solar panels?

Yes. Shade created by permanent and passing objects will affect the production of your solar panel system, generally reducing their performance. Permanent objects may include nearby buildings and other structures (e.g. A/C units, TV antennas, chimneys, etc.), and passing objects may include clouds, birds, leaves, etc. The ideal scenario for Solar PV panels to best most effective is for them to receive full-sun exposure at least between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

Can I later on increase the size of my Solar PV system?

Yes, as long as you have sufficient space available for installing additional panels and are not too close to any potential Supply Authority imposed restrictions or limitations.



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